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Thursday, September 3, 2009

CathyC-where are my mates??

Has everyone just been too busy to let us know how everyone's challenge is going or am I the only nosy "skinny bones wanna-be"??!!

The Good

Not binge eating on "sugar" , what a wonderful relief not to feel powerless around it-by far my biggest accomplishment ever. I know I can do what I put my "heart" into.

Increased weights during work-outs....feeling stronger and makes me want to continue. Doing less Cardio because I am eating less carbs (no starch)

Enjoy creating and being inspired on making clean meals and working on a Recipe Food Blog

The Bad

Had a few over eats last week when out socially ,trying to portion control (I should just become a hermit-it would be easier..lol!!!)

That's it for me.

Hope you all are


  1. It certainly is quiet around here. Glad you are doing so well Miss C ♥

  2. Hey Cathy... I'm here!! Still learning, still growing, still fight the same demons.

    The Good -

    After an extended weekend away interstate socialising with family & friends, as well on business, it's really hard to say NO to everything, despite the best of intentions.

    I manage to train in some way or the other every day. I did manage to eat clean at all times but allowed myself a treat once a day considering the 'social engagements' I had to participate in. And managed to limit my wine intake to a couple of glasses on only a couple of nights. So all in all, not a bad result considering I had 3 birthdays to celebrate.

    The Bad

    Not being more organised with my food to eliminate the need to eat OPs poor choices.

    Hey ... a recipe blog. Now this is something that as a Bodybuilder I'm interested in. I always run out of ideas, and wind up with steamed veg & grilled steak/chicken as a frequent plate filler. I'm really interested in lunch options. So what are your ideas, I'd love to know.

    And yes, I'm still on the challenge ... my challenge is to find the tape measure this week. I did chest & bics yesterday for the first time in a tank tee, and impressed myself with the muscle size. (Yah) Time to go find the sun to sit & work in me thinks, though.

    Dare to be remarkable! Laynie

  3. I've been on vacation at Disney, which DOESN'T have free wifi, if you can believe that. What the heck?

    I'll be back next week!