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Friday, July 31, 2009

Frankie - goal amendment and bone loss

No not osteoporosis!

I'm handing in a bone. I've been soooo good all week and then last night after work I was craving carbs (not pms yet). I found 9 grain vita wheats in the cupboard, cream cheese and vegemite. It really hit the spot. I usually have a couple of crackers and cream cheese after work before I train for some extra energy but I liked this combo TOO much. I kept going back for another couple and before I knew it I'd eaten about 10 of them. I guess that's a binge. I really couldn't stop. So, I need to hand in a bone...there.

As far as goals go I'm amending the 'no cheat meals' rule. I need a cheat meal. I was having cheats before in my last weight loss stint and I do think I need that glass or two of red on a Friday with something off plan to eat, or be able to go to a dinner party if I want. BUT, just one meal of the weekend..not a whole day.

That's about it.

Shar - Quick Update

Ok so I had a dinner that wasn't planned.
We had Thai. I choose a chicken dish, of which I ate the chicken only, not that the sauce was fatty, was a light sweet and sour sauce, I had a small amount of hubby's rice with it, I decided to have that instead of eating the Pud Thai I ordered, I threw that in the bin as I didn't need it after I choose the rice instead.
I feel just right, not full and but no where near blown out like I would normally be after a 'off plan' meal.
I feel a little disappointed I didn't just cook something at home but also victorious that I threw food away and ate only to a comfortable point.
The other victory is that I feel very in control and will not be eating anything else that takes me away from my goal of finding the middle road.
I have read the guidelines that katie posted for failure and for loss of a skinny bone and don't think this amounts to a bone loss, all my goals have been met today apart from cal target, this is over by approx 500 cals but if you have a meal that you've not planned that's gonna happen.

BUT I am more than happy to let the team decide, what you reckon ladies?

CathyC- Can I do it?

I almost doubted myself last night at dinner when my salmon and potatoe was drenched in cream and oil at the restaurant! So what I did was scrape all that cream crap off to the side and only had the veggies & salmon and because I was still starving I had the bread instead of the potatoe which were layered in cheese and cream-I figured the buns had less calories and fat than those potatoes- I don't feel guilty today-yeah! Oh and no dessert-I said flat out no thanks I'm full-phew that was a hard one but I did it!! Hope you all have a great day!

Shar's Phase 1 Mid Point Challenge

Well day 5 for me today and everything has been going great.
Eating veg, eating fruit, drinking water, exercising, sleeping 8 hours..... BUT as in one of Katies previous posts I will be reviewing a few goals.
The fact is we never know if its too much or not enough until we try it and after 5 days I am thinking I should allow a rest day once per week, I may drop my fruit to 2 x per day as I would rather up my veggies and I may take the expectation of doing Yoga out due to the fact I teach Bodybalance, I will revisit the Yoga fitting into my schedule later in the challenge when I have had to stop teaching Bodyattack due to preggers and I have more time and more energy!

I jumped on the chance to take this challenge because, now more than ever with being preggers, I want to find the middle road, NEVER in my life have I just done what needed to be done each day for me, for no reason (COMP, HOLIDAY etc) and its time for me to' just be'.
I have found that I have approached this all or nothing though and it the exact behaviour I want to lose.......for example - Hubby is finishing work early and I would love to have a 'nice' meal with him, nice meaning possible a bit higher in fat and carbs than I am trying to stick to.
The prob is I feel the failure feeling creeping in if I 'give in', this is dangerous and could end up in a few more eats than a meal.
So right now although I chalked up 5 great days I'm feeling over it what with all these all or nothing thoughts.
Anyways, Thanks for listening team SB's and keep up the great work.
Sorry for a long post

Weigh in psychosis

I think you guys were going to do a check in of some sort every 10 days? But I do my regular weigh ins on Fridays so will keep doing that.

Will post all results on my blog later but in a rush to get to early lecture this morning so just wanted to say that I PUT ON 200g...grrrrr. BUT I lost 4cm off my waist! (at navel).

That's 7cm off my waist in 2 weeks!!! Bugger YOU scales!!!

Weekend Motivation for everyone

Everyone has been doing so great up til now! Here is a little bit of inspiration for your weekends:

"There are risks and costs to a program of action....but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction"

John F kennedy

The Bones Boss Speaks - When Do You Lose a Skinny Bone?

This is when you will NOT lose a bone for missing your goals

(1) Circumstances beyond your control aka life gets in the way
- you are sick
- your friend, mother, partner or child is sick and you have to take care of them
- you are injured
- you have to work late
- you are travelling or worse - camping
- when you have PMT
- your kitchen is being remodelled and you don't have any way to cook

(2) When you trade one goal for a better one
- you have sex instead of training
- you stay up late to help a friend
- you eat the burnt toast your daughter made you for mother's day
- you don't drink your water because you need to sit through a dentist visit without having to pee (not sure that is better?)

(3) When you change your priorities (and adjust your goals)
- when training 6 times a week is too exhausting so you add in an extra rest day
- when you discover you have dietary issues when you eat truck loads of vegetables so you cut back
- when eating low carb leaves you shattered or eating low fat makes you hungry so you adjust
- when you run out of time to get to all your goals so you just focus on the most important ones
- when when you find that writing articles is not as enjoyable as writing blog posts so you change your goal to "writing" every day.

You only lose a bone when you miss a goal if you
- gave up - couldn't be bothered - decided to quit - had a tantrum - got the shits - stopped fighting - wallowed in self pity - zoned out - forgot to show yourself respect.

As long as you have good intentions and try your hardest to make the best choices - then you are a success and your skinny bones remain intact.

This might help ... How do you know if you've failed?

Missed Phase 1- Day 13 - Phase 2

Well I am at day 13 so I am just into Phase 2. Missed phase 1. So better late than never. Well my first week went extremely well, I must say I did a massive 1.6kg loss by mid week and then took an interstate trip. Yep driving and being totally unprepared and slotting in with others bad habits, I did fall way off the wagon and put it back on. YUK. Anyway so now I am home trying to correct my ways. Today I am going to be totally prepared. After spending the majority of yesterday afternoon doing my protien cookups for the week, they are now packed in the freezer ready to eat when the timer tells me to. So giddy up I am back on the wagon.....

So my goals for the rest of phase 2 are:
  1. drink more water, at least 3 x 750ml bottles
  2. eat when I am suppose to
  3. do at least 3 resistance workouts
  4. do at least 5 days of cardio
  5. blog more often again

My support group is already recruited - Frankie

Wish you all the best for the rest of the weekend to come.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pip's Phase One Mid Point Challenge

Hi all!

Cool, can post!

Admittably this has been one of the hardest challenges I've started. That is cause I'm working toward self control, namely in healthy lasting sustainable fun fitness and nutrition, moving forward with my finances and stopping the same circles there, drinking less alcohol and not feeling ashamed by the amount I drink and general organisation.
I decided all need equal focus! Have tended to go hard in one area but at the cost of being out of control or neglecting other areas. And this goes along with the fact I managed to gain 13.6kg in about 2 months. Last Sunday/day one had at least 14kg I wanted to lose by 14 November, - just under 16 weeks to wear my size 12 bridesmaid dress comfortably the way I want!

The first few days were shaky, I felt negative and daunted at the task inhand but started seeing a habit improvement by day 4. Today was good, and even helpful toward fatloss and fitness as well as all the other areas. Am focusing on living in the 'now', do one day at a time. Still daunting but have worked self up to be on track!

Keep up the fab work all!

Pip :-)

Andrea's Phase One Mid Point Challenge

I would have to say that the thing I am most proud of up till this point is sucking it up this afternoon and offering to walk the dog when I really felt like staying inside in the warm and I hadn't done anything up to this point in the day. I was considering conceding a bone and not doing anything today but I just kept hearing two things in my head in my head - 1. But I committed myself to 100 days of being active and 2 - thats an extra 5km I have to do on another day.
I'm glad I got out and did it - because I actually feel much better now.

Frankie's Phase Two Mid-Point Challenge

Yay I can post. Will try not to say fuck too much.

Well I'm bloody frustrated at the moment. Doing everything right and not shrinking in the slightest. But, I must say I am proud of myself for not actually changing anything, sticking to plan, despite lack of results because I KNOW it is the right thing to do and that it WILL happen.

CathyC- Phase One Mid Point Challenge

Oh boy this is so exciting!! I feel so good about myself I have been drinking more water which I want to add to my "list" and also drinking green smoothies to my nutrition plan. I feel empowered again!

KatieP's Phase One Mid Point Challenge

I am proud that I have stayed on plan and been relatively nice even though I have raging PMT and I wish you would all bugger off and leave me alone I could just hide away from the entire world until my fucked body decides what it is doing.

Post Your Milestone Challenge and Get a Bonus Bone

Today's milestone is half way through Phase One. If you post the achievement you are most proud of over the past 5 days here, you have the chance of getting a bonus bone.

Each post now has a voting button - "give this 1x or 2x bonus bones". Rate your fellow team blogger's posts and the top ten posts (awarded the most bones) will recieve a bonus bone.

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Now I'm off to post mine.

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Thanks team - we're doing great!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100 Day Challenge - the New Blog

Welcome Challenge Team

If you don't have permission to post please email me at thin-enough(at)optusnet.com.au and I will send you an invitation.