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Saturday, August 29, 2009

KatieP's 2nd Mid Point Challenge ...

... because you all know I am an over achiever right?

I just found this today and I LOVE it -- apparently from a Leonard Cohen song

There are cracks in everything
It's how the light gets in

CathyC-Midpoint challenge ...Quote

I guess I can post my quote here for the mid challenge, there are so many blogs I get confused..hehe!
There are many quotes that have stuck with me lately:
1-If you say you can or can't you're right!
2-Attitudes are contagious is yours worth catching?

Inspirational Quotes

I'm going to share a few that I use when I teach RPM...

"IF nothing changes, nothing changes...(so turn up that resistance!)

"Your mind is your strongest muscle...so believe (and achieve!)"

Did I just say "turn it up?" lol!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 4: Shaking my Xs all about the place

A picture showing the latest packaging on a UK...Image via Wikipedia
Day 4 already, and I admit it, I had 2 pieces of dark KitKat this morning.  Man it was good too, let me tell you.  

Now I've admitted to falling off the wagon, I will justify it to say I did a killer work out this morning in the gym.  Hit the doors of the new gym at 7am today.  On the advice of the chiro I worked my shoulders and triceps, individually utilising free weights.  I got a very pleasant surprise how weak I was in certain areas, but it felt incredibly good to do such a balanced training programme that didn't overload one side.  

Then I hammered the spin cycle and treadmill again for 45minutes.

4 down, 96 to go. 
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Phase 1 - Day 3 : getting to know my Xs better

Day 3 dawned and I burst out the day for my hill walking session this morning.  6kms over hills, and finished off with a blissful trek on the shores of Lake Macquarie.  Felt truly alive.

Then I bustled out the door for the greatest test of all.  Check up and adjustment with the Chiro.  James is no ordinary whack & crack chiro.  It's a gruelling workout just been assessed by him.  If I could describe his technique as a progressive physio with a hint of massage and tad of chiro.  He is brilliant, and just a small operator but he's worked wonders with me so far.  I've shown great signs of improving the biomechanics of my body, but still have so far to go.

You should have seen the look on his  face when I told him what my next goal for my training is.  You'd think he learn not to be surprised by now.

Now I've got to go find my tape measure for those all telling signs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CathyC-emotional eater

I am so frustrated and depressed at the same time. I took pictures of myself yesterday because I wanted to do the before and after photos, well I was so disgusted and shocked of my body's shape(self hate). I said to myself there is a lot of work involved to get a better body-I was discouraged. I can't believe it is possible to change it, maybe just lose a few pounds but the shape will still be there? what's the point!!! Anyways my husband gets home after dinner, we work together and he has been on the road for 3 weeks so I am with the kids all day, they too got on my nerves yesterday. I ask him to review the invoices I put on his desk because we are closing year end next Monday and I have to make sure everything is is order etc., he says he doesn;t have time and I just started to argue with him. I know this stems from the anger of the pictures I always do that, I shit on my husband and kids...I am such a mean person (more guilt and self hate) I decided to go for a walk. Went into bed and then I was restless because I was angry and lonely, I didn't want to eat, I wanted to sleep, but food makes me relax and to another happier place (for that short period). I got out of bed had crackers and then a toasted bagel...yes white flour and after 7pm...my 2 bad habits I wanted to challenge this Phase!
My issue is with emotional eating I know. I also can't communicate with my husband when I am frustrated so I argue and blame him for my issues, I know it's wrong and I need to work on that. I have the book ..Stop Emotional Eating...but it is the hardest thing to get control of.
Anyways I understand fully I have to have a reaction plan when I disagree with hubby, not take it personally and rebel by sabotaging my health.
Sorry for the book!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phase 1 - Day 2 of placing my X everywhere

MIAMI BEACH, FL - JUNE 11:   Julia Meshcheryak...
Well it's Day 2, and I'm trying to change an existing exercise habit already.  Instead of getting up and doing my cardio first thing this morning, I elected to do it on the spin cycles at the gym this evening, squeezing it in between my weights and yoga class.

I'm not certain what is going on with me today.  I'm thinking perhaps the fat burner I tried yesterday didn't agree with me, as it's the only new thing I've added to my diet.  Today, I'm not hungry and feeling sluggish.  Perhaps more water might pick me up.  Let's try that.

I'm fighting the demons of the deep this afternoon.  They are trying real hard to convince me to go soft and not train tonight, and I must admit it is tempting.  I've got an excuse, I'm not feeling well ... good rationalisation, huh?   But I'm going to fight it, and go to the gym by myself, new gym and all the strangeness in that situation.  Fight the fear, and win.  As my cycling coach is telling me - spinners are grinners. 

That reminds me ... I need to find my tape measure.  Now the cycling coach wants me to measure me for fit on bicycle.  Never trust an ex-pro rider ... he's making me earn my keep already.

It's a struggle to eat all the food on the menu today, but that's because I'm just not feeling with it, but at least I haven't fallen off the good food wagon and crashed head first into the junk food.

As they say in the classics ... Cheers!  Let's drink more water. 

Later ... much later.  I won!  I went to the gym and put in a full session tonight - weights, followed by 30mins on the spin cyle + 30 mins on the treadmill, followed by 60mins of stretching and human-pretzel making in a yoga class.  I'm tired, but glad I did it.

Now I can face Day 3 with an honest face :)

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CathyC-bye bye Phase 3

I can't believe it's been 1 month already, time just flies! I have alot to be thankful for, and I would like to give this credit to Katie P who made this possible. I know now that smaller changes in larger intervals are better than big changes in small intervals for me. I feel I have a better grasp and normalacy with my new habits. This phase was victorious because I ate well, exercised and had no sugar-it's been really fun!

In Phase 4 I will make add small changes to my habits:

1-no eating after 7pm

2-no white flour

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Boy - arrghhhhh!

Well I know it's not ME but it's my baby. I hope to be back on board by the weekend (after about 1 million hours study). Keep up the good work me hearties! arrgghhhhhhh

Phase 1 - X marks the spot: Day 1 begins

lines in the sand
Well, here goes.  Day 1 is underway.  I know what to do, truly I do, after all I've read, the Champions I associate with and the training I've had over the years.  I truly do know what to do.

What's been the missing element?  It's not been motivation, but it's been my health.  18 months ago I suffered a major infection followed by bouts of diahorrea resulting in a mystery for my naturopath.  After not recovering to full speed, I finally sought help of my doctor.  I hate doctors.  Saw enough of the medical professional with my late husband's treatment over the years.  But finally I caved.  I think I know my body by now, so I told her that I was suffering a chemical imbalance of the blood.  Sure enough, extensive blood tests revealed I was suffering from a severe lack of Zinc.  Well now we know, why I have been suffering all these odd things and emotions for the past couple of years.  But importantly, why I've been finding training and getting my body back a struggle.

Now, I'm on Zinc supplements to fortify my system, and I'm a changed woman.  I identified today as the starting day for my 100 Day Challenge, and now I am taking it to the world.  I saw Katie's challenge, and knew it linked into my objectives.  Recently I started my own sports blog (marketingmuscleinOz.blogspot.com) which focuses on different sports including bodybuilding and motorsports.  I'm enthusiastic about both, you see.  I've started contributing to another blog (girlgetstrong.com) which chronicles my journey back to centre stage on 2010, but SkinnyBones is a tad more personal and daily recording of my head, my heart and my training/diet.

Down to the science, I recently decided to go it alone with my training and nutritionals instead of relying on someone else (a trainer in my case) I wanted to really own my achievement.  So I'm an advocate of whole natural foods, and a fan of Tom Venuto's nutritional information.  I recently created my own diet and training programmes, and it is this that I shall be using as my foundation.  Am I really on the right track, or just full of sh*t?  Time alone will tell.

I recently joined a gym that provides not only good weights and machines, the right culture, BUT cardio classes, and is part of a 24/7 worldwide chain.  Day one dawns, and I've been to the gym and trained chest, biceps and abs.  I've done 30mins on the treadmill before I had to return to work. And it's all written in the journal. Working for yourself is not all that it is cracked up to be at times BTW.  Coz I can't stop at 5pm because the day is over, I just have to keep on going until it's all done. LOL

I've taken my pre-training fat burning supplement.  I've had my post-training shake with the extra supplements.  I'm drinking my water, eating clean ... so far so good.

This week, I will get on the scales, but I'm not getting anywhere near a tape measure.  But I know my goals, I have my vision, I'm developing the mindset of Bodybuilder again.

Today, I'm on my way.  Here's my X the line is drawn in the sand now!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

CathyC-no bones about it

I did so well all week on my food and exercise plan as much as I could. Last night I had 8 adults and 9 kids for a dinner party-it was fantastic! I made amazing clean food which I prepped for all week. The only thing is that I ate too many carbs at night and had a sore belly when I went to bed! The bread was hazelnut and raisin crusty loaf which went so well with soft brie cheese and juicy grapes...you know what I mean right! Anywho tonight another challenge at our friends BBQ , how will I do? I don't know...I can't stress over it-I'd love to say I won't eat a lot but I know me-but what I can say for sure is that I won't drink or have any dessert and that is 100% certain, it just doesn't do it for me anymore! I realize natural food is what I crave and indulge in and the week-ends are challenging (portion wise), so one battle at a time...I'll get there one bite at a time!

Bones Update

Hi guys,
Still trucking along - I should really lose some bones this week because I haven't blogged regularly and I haven't got my strength training in though I may be able to fit in a small session after RPM this morning and make it session three!

On the positive side, I'm using this Challenge to become more aware of my thoughts, actions and behaviours and trying to act more on the negative and keep encouraging those good vibrations!

Off to the markets on the weekend to buy some organic vegetables with Shelley. Rather looking forward to it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CathyC-Phase 3 midpoint Challenge

Okay so there are a million reasons for me to be healthy and fit, but I'll only need to name a few, 26 in total: No particular order or category...it's all meaningful!
1-Healthy heart means healthy mind
2-I have a positive outlook, more confident
3-more energy and stamina
4-I see my muscles because of weight training
5-my husband loves my round butt ..and I do too ;)
6-I have a smaller and flatter belly
7-love to see my hip bones
8-feeling sexy
9-love eating crunchy salads and veggies
10- I get creative with low carb recipes
11-educate my kids about eating clean
12-eliminate sugar:no high and lows...no more depression
13-appreciate my body so I eat clean and exercise
14-I am thankful for my circle of friends who make me laugh
15-I have been inspired with women with similar goals
16-I love to shop and try clothes on again
17-my daughter wishes she looks like me
18-my husband thinks I'm "hot"..it cracks me up!!
19-my mom is also eating better
20-I get complemented on my food blog and recipes
21-I love sharing my personal accomplishments with people I just meet
22-I have the courage to stand up and say "No I can't eat dessert, it's not good for me! "
23-taking charge of my Hormone Imbalance
24-I enjoy making breakfast, lunch and dinner to better my food plan
25-I love my kids and want to see them grow up and have their own children one day
26-I am happiest when I am taking care of my body, mind and soul!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CathyC-Phase 2..update

Hi all,
I did okay on Phase 2. I have exercised and haven't eaten sugar since the beginning-I am so happy for that and I did lose 1 pound...yeah!! I still want to be less stressed about my weight, I will practice smaller food portions on the week-ends so I don't feel tempted to weight myself to see the "damage".

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello all!

Sorry for my absence, - honestly I've had nothing awesome to report. I've been quite busy lately with stuff, and um off track mostly.

I have found 'easing into' new behaviours isn't the best for me and if I do something I dislike pussy footing around if I have the ability to go harder. I would try harder at the 'ease in thing' but really need to shape up fast, (to fit my size 12 bridesmaid dress on 15 Nov, - I was the correct size for it late May, then for the up and coming triathlon season and health/confidence reasons). The lure of sugar/fat salt is so strong unless I set precise rules about them. Last time I shaped up I drank far too much alcohol, need to still drop all bad habits at once this time haha!

So yesterday I started the 15 day detox and will need to put up a big consistent effort from now till the wedding, - I hate that I let it get to this. Have been totally on track with all and training the last 2 days. Didn't weigh self as I didn't wanna agonise all day over the reading on Sat. (I always know what I am within a kilo by body feel if I don't get on scales, if I know it's bad I just don't want it confirmed!) I will weigh when in a better momentum and when the reality won't be quite as daunting!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got stuck on deserted island...

......but you know what I needed it and have enjoyed my swim back to the pirate ship!!
Here's my phase 2, days 11 - 20 update and check in as listed by the wonderful Captain Katie.

1) Reviewed your action goals -- I have spent most of the last 10 days (phase 2) reviewing my goals and learning how my goals need to be structured.
2) Identified what you need from the people around you depending on whether they had the same or different goals -- recruited your Pirate Partner(s) and crew (+ bonus bone) basically here I have the rest of the crew as support but just need to use them more. I posted here at about day 7 or 8 I think and had 5 comments back, they truly struck a cord with me and are what I took on board when making for the island to do some reviewing and some searching. So to all you pirates, THANKS.
Recognised and thanked the person who helps you the most -- chose your first mate (+ bonus bone) This is without a doubt my soul mate and husband, he loves me unconditionally, he supports anything I want to do, only he knows who I am. I do verbally Thank him but maybe I need to find other ways do show him my Thank in future.

4) Identified the person who inspires and motivates you - your role model -- mid phase challenge post (+ bonus bone) My mum inspires me, I also have lots of inspirational people I work with, my members that attend my classes inspire and motivate me, some story's are unbelievable, I couldn't pick one person.
5) started a journal -- started writing your own history I haven't done this yet.
resisted temptation and faced your fears -- fought the evil Pirate of Powerlessness
stepped out of your comfort zone - walk the plank I have had a few moments of temptation and I have won, I am proud of this, this is a definite step forward for me.
7) voted on the poll 'how clean is your diet?' - stocked the galley Check In Process (*voluntary)
haven't done this yet
Fill in the Skinny Bones Tally spreadsheet in Google with your Skinny Bones tally for this phase (if you don't have access then add it to your comments) need to work this out!! sort of lost count, will track back

9)Comment on this post with the following information
your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cms lost, days without binging, physical improvements etc.
I am monitoring my weight but being preggers not able to focus on loss, my weight is holding steady which I am please with at this stage of preg as i'm starting to show and baby is growing. I am monitoring my bodyfat and measurements so this may show more achievement when I do those again. I have continued to get 8 - 8 and a half hours sleep per night which is great. I am still focused on drinking enough water each day. I have been logging and becoming totally aware of food I am consuming and making sure I am eating what baby needs.
9) the most important lesson you've learned over the past 20 days that I need to let the all or nothing mentality go, that I must stop punishing myself for what I used to class as minor blips, which are in fact things that are normal. To be in the present, be in the now, the past has gone and the future is not here yet.

Thanks for listening guys, a long winded way of catching up but the journey of phase 2 was very nourishing for me, I found some treasure and I am so pleased to be back on the ship again and ENJOYING it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CathyC-Abs are made in the kitchen!

Clean Oatmeal pancake...without the "cake"
1 cup oatmeal (cooked in water)
2 eggwhites
1 tbsp ground flaxseeds
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
dash of salt (optional)
fresh fruit for topping
I double up and make a few extras and freeze, so always have an amazing clean brekkie!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey gang, I am not proud that I ate chips last night..I was starved for carbs and fat and salt!! Not good I know!!! I need to incorporate more dense food in my meal plan, because when hunger strikes it is soooo easy to eat up whatever is in front of me! I didn't have a binge though-I was just hungry and in need of something to fill me up! I am moving on.....live and learn!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hey team - Frankie's taking a break

Not from the Challenge but from my online activities...just for a bit. Very stressed the moment but hopefully will be back in a couple of weeks. I've blogged about it here.

Just want to get on top of my studies and the kids shit and then think I should be ok.

Keep up the good work!!!!

CathyC-Phase 2 midpoint check in...

Okay I had a great Phase 2, although I was a little down yesterday because of Saturday's "midnight snack". I am still trying to figure out how to balance it all out when I allow myself to eat more on the week-ends! Anyways I haven't eaten sugar and that I am so proud and thrilled about!! I think this challenge is fun and I know the issues I have with food stems from my body image. I need to find peace and acceptance of myself more than I need to lose 10 pounds. I will be reading up and trying to improve on these body issues on this journey. Yesterday I was experiencing that"anxiety" to eat some cookies and ice-cream. I told myself junk food is not the answer,I will deal with it, suck it up and I went for a 20 min walk with my little girl! I am sooo happy I didn't eat anything-I'm much better this morning!
So it always comes back to that...if you want to feel good about yourself, do good by your "self"! Sounds so simple... right????!!!????

Monday, August 10, 2009


I have a "blah" feeling this morning because of this past week-end...I am trying not to let the food I ate on Saturday at midnight bother me but honestly it does. I felt bloated and gassy all day yesterday-not "skinny" and fit. I didn't weigh myself because I have to wait until the 16th and secondly it was going to be really depressing ...so I am here wondering how to deal with it. I am having less carbs today to try to make up for it and will get a gym session in. I don't think there is much else, I hope I can control myself next week-end at my siser in law's 40th b-day bash!

Tea's Check In

Phase 2 is going well. I got all my workouts and cardio in. I have not cheated at all either. Its really helping me that my husband is doing this with me,and I don't want to have to give up a bone!
I thought about having a cheat meal this weekend but I didn't really feel like it. I will give myself one at some point but I was trying to decide on some sort of timeframe.
  • every 2 weeks
  • one a 10 day phase
  • one a week
  • one when I get to a certain weight
I still have not decided so I guess I will go as long as I can and then when I start having craving that won't go away i will give myself one, I reserve the right to decide lol.

I have been extremely depressed this last week and have slept TONS, I feel a little better today. Not getting my hopes up but it would be good if the depression fooked off.

Clothes are getting looser, weights definitely dropping but i will weigh in at the end of this phase.

Katie I really like the Pirate Log idea! I want to find pirate stickers now and pictures to decorate it with , GAHH I am such a theme person lol.

My Pirate Peeps!

I am so behind here, I have been having issues with blogger, blogs not loading and such.

Ok My Pirate Crew is my husband, he has decided to join me in my daily workouts and really support me in every way which is so fantastic. Hes always been very supportive so now its great we are finally doing this together.

My Pirate Partners are my mom and grandma even though they are in another country, they support encourage, show interest and are proud of my accomplishments.

My Pirate Queens, wow I have a few.
Tara Green from the Co-Diva site- this girl is a pilot and even with all her crazy traveling she manages to get her workouts in and eat on plan.

Tina one of the Dreambodies Divas, she is so bubbly and encouraging and has made a huge transformation especially in her mind.

Stacey Widger- hers was the first fitness blog I ever read and how I found Tony. She cracks me up with every post, I see a lot of myself in her and since shes succeeded it helps me see myself succeed.

Skwigg- I found Skwigg way back in 2004 when just starting on my weight loss journey, she has helped keep me sane through the Body For Life Womens Club, Personal emails, and her wacky blog. I have nearly choked to death laughing at her posts.

Down, but not out...

So, I have to say that this not weighing in more than twice a month is hard...hard...HARD, especially after weighing once or twice a day. I'm still holding fast to my commitment, though, and I'm hopeful that I will be happy on Friday with what the scale says, because for the most part I have been pretty spot on with exercise and eating.

Ok, until this weekend. Friday night DH and I went on our first date night in a long time, and I went ahead and decided to loosen things up a bit. I didn't go crazy - just had an open-faced turkey cheese burger and about a 1/2 serving of waffle fries. Came home and had a mixture of peanut butter, oatmeal, protein powder and cocoa powder. Pretty yummy. But yesterday was another story. I don't know why - maybe my plan is too low on carbs, maybe it's too high - but I have had moments where if I don't get carbs in my system I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I still make pretty healthy choices - crackers and hummus, Kashi cereal and almond milk - but I'm definitely eating off plan, so I lose a couple bones this week for those deviations. Oh, and last night I went dancing for 3 hours, which is definitely a good thing, except that I gave in pretty quickly when my friends suggested that the perfect post-dancing activity is going to the diner for chicken fingers and fries.

I would like to know whose metabolism, exactly, I think I have? One of the many size 0 20-somethings who were in the club last night? Because I have never been able to eat late at night without consequences. So, I am not getting any extra bones for all my lovely exercise, because I basically offset it with the late night munch fest.

Anyway, that's how I'm doing. Still journaling. Too tired to go to the gym today and too tired really to do much of anything except watch my kids play dress up and log my food and read and relax. Let's hope that's exactly what I get to do.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Phase one progress

Well what a week I have had. I really didn't feel like blogging as I feel like the first week should have you on a roll and feeling motivated but my week has been mayhem. It all started on friday night when I had very few hours sleep from my friends going away party. I had very little sleep that night and was up early to be the supportive girlfriend in my other half fitness fanatic antics!!
So I was the support crew with another one of my OH friends gf for the avon descent. The first day was a 60km paddle and the sunday is a 72 km paddle or something very close to this. Well at the first stop the boys looked really good but from then on the my OH was looking terrible. Each stop he looked progressively worse. Poor thing had been off all week with some nasty bug and had hardly eaten much- or no where near enough for this type of endurance race. He did however manage the first day for his mate who mentally kept him going. Well he was up all night being sick and at about 4am started having chest pain and shortness of breath. We had had no sleep but I just wanted to keep him home so I packed up his things and got him home asap. Thankfully both his parents are doctors and gave him pain killers. Over the next hour or so he got no better so off to the hospital we went. So xrays and ecg and echo latter they diagnosed him with pericarditis- which is inflammation of the heart. He looked terrible but thankfully the pain was controlled once the pain killers had kicked in. I had two sleep over the two nights so I absolutely crashed on Sunday night at 6:30.

So my 100 day challenge did not get to the best start. I would say in that time I would be have lost four bones for failing my some of my goals. Today was start of phase two so I am going to put in a 100% effort. I did not eat lots in this period- If anything less but some of the not so good choices. I do not feel bloated and actually feel lighter but will be a lot more conscious.

So recapping my goals I did eat bread once in the first phase, I definitely did not blog 4 times, I did do my cardio and missed out one weights session, I did not binge and I did drink my water amount.

So today I started on a really high note and went for 11km run with one of my closest friends. This put me in the mind shape to eat well for the rest of the day.

So my aim for the next phase is to concentrating on not eating bread and getting all my training in.

CathyC-you win some and lose some!

Hi Team, I have to confess that although I was going to allow myself to eat the meal at the Wedding which was pasta (a duo of cavatelli and ricotta stuffed rotolo) I also at the midnight buffet where there was more pasta w/saute of garlic, olive olive and hot pepper flakes, paninis, pizza and a fruit and sweet table.... did have another plate of PASTA!! So I am giving up a bone for that! But I just want to pat myself on the back because I did not have any dessert...no cake, cookies or pastires... it was all around me....I really want to be honest with myself and keep that promise until I just can't resist temptation-so until now it has been bearable :)
Now I think I should get a bone because I did post my King Pirate as a midpoint challenge yesterday...so yesterday I came out even!

Frankie checking in..

Just thought I'd pop my head up and say hi. Relinquishing two bones this week. It's been a shocker. So busy every day with appointments that my workouts have been rushed and half hearted. Then instead of 1 'free' meal this weekend I pretty much had a free DAY yesterday. Awful habit of comfort eating when I am panicking about my uni timetable and how the fuck I'm going to get it all done.

The physio, as great as he is, keeps upsetting my training by changing what I'm allowed to do and then have to re-arrange my weight training. So, decided to just take the weekend off from weights and just do cardio all week. I'm feeling tired and stressed if I push myself I'll have an FM flare up and crash so just gotta be really careful.

Will concentrate this week on fine tuning the meal plan and just getting in some gentle cardio and getting my body back in balance. I've been going a little hard (for me) so need to wind it back a bit if I want to be able to do everything I want to do, (or should I say HAVE to do).

I'm into Phase 3 now......GULP.

CathyC-Pirate Queen of Hearts

I can't say there is one person because I know a lot of women with so many endearing qualities, but when it comes to exercise and fitness it is Tina G aka TinaBean or MILF (mother in love with fitness). She has such high energy and a go! go! go! kick ass attitude ALL THE TIME...it just amazes me. She's always spot on with her food and exercise plan. I became a Facebook friend with her as I noticed she took amazing care of herself and had this fitness blog and it's because of her I happened to start my own blog-she inspired me to be accountable and to follow my fitness goals. I admire her constant drive and motivation to stay lean and help others-a real Wonder Woman!! Thanks MrsG!! (ilovemylifestyle)

Day 10: Need a trainer. Anyone looking for charity case?

I hope this post isn't inappropriate to the challenge topic. I've had a rough few days challenge-wise, and I've been doing some trouble shooting. I just wrote a long, profanity-laden post to my blog wherein I vented frustrations stemming from a problem easily remedied: I need a coach.

I've been designing plans for myself, but truth is, I have limited faith in my ability to do so, which I think is why I ignore the plan every few days. I've never been in the kind of shape I would really like to be in, so in a moment of weakness, it's really easy to say "Well, how do you know those chocolate covered peanuts won't actually HELP you?" Ridiculous, I know, but when I want those peanuts it really doesn't take much to convince me to go for them.

I need someone I trust to give me a plan and tell me to suck it up and follow it.

SO. Hello, universe. I'm putting this out there. If there's any qualified individual out there reading this who feels like giving me a good kick in the ass, let's talk. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One bone for me!

Yes I do deserve a bone indeed...last night I had family over to celebrate Tony's b-day. Everyone came after dinner for cake and coffee, but I cut up melon and fruit, had hummus and pita chips (homemade), Italian tomato and zucchini pizza (my Dad is a baker) and my mother in law brought her Crostata (Italian coffee cake) and cookies etc!! With all that food and for 3 hours being around it do you know what I had ....a skinny latte!! That's it...not even a piece of marble fudge cheesecake I made for my husband. I was determined to make it count. I also have TOM(came 3 days early??) but had no "bad" cravings this week-staying away from junk does help with PMS maybe and I also am using the progesterone maybe that helped too?? So today another challenge at the wedding, I am having pasta as I waited all week for it- but no fried or sweet stuff...can I do it???

Friday, August 7, 2009

CathyC-Is Anyone Here???

I often wonder if it's only me who just likes to talk about themselves-it probably is!!! Sorry if I go off on a rant but it helps with my daily thoughts if I write them out...
My Pirate Partner is my husband Tony...he always reminds me how much he cares about me and these are some reasons or qualities important to me:
1-keep saying I am "hot"!!!
2-never, ever.. even if I say "it's for the kids"...have ice cream in the house!
3-never judges me or makes me feel like a failure....soooo understanding and patient
I hope you all have someone to keep you going, if you need to talk to someone or need that person I am always willing to push you forward..don't be shy to ask for support-I love encouraging people -it's so important to be "human" even in blogworld!!
Hope you have a good day mates....

Getting boned!

Hmm, weekly report.
I owe you all a blog :)
Secondly didn't get three strength training sessions in this week, so I hereby relinquish a bone!

Next week, I'll be on holidays so there may not be any blogging or strength training but plan is to swing back in on my return.

One goal achieved and a new one set!

Greetings, challengers!

I have a habit of picking at food throughout the day. Little bites here and there of mostly carbs-most often my husband's cereal and/or chips. Yesterday, I set a goal of steering completely clear of both, and promised that I would announce it to the group if I succeeded.

And I did, BUT I fell prey to another of my habits yesterday that makes me feel not completely triumphant.

Peanut butter. Peanut butter is my kryptonite. I cannot just have it in the house, even if I hide it, even if I eat some and throw out the rest of the jar (because yes, I will go into the garbage, take out the jar, and eat the peanut butter). So why on earth did I think it was a good idea to attempt making peanut butter protein cookies yesterday?

Well, because I had a plan, which I mostly followed. I used most of the peanut butter in the cookies, which I have not touched except for the one I planned to have this morning pre-gym. I left what I thought was about 6 Tbsp in the jar, and ate about 5 of them over the course of the day yesterday, as I had planned.

BUT THEN. This morning I decided I would calculate out exactly how much I had eaten (I measured, but it's just soooo easy to lick the spoon or lick "little bits" off the spoon in addition to what I had measured). Yeah, apparently I had about 10 tablespoons yesterday!!!

I am trying not to get frustrated, but seriously? How many times do I need to do this before I surrender to the fact that I cannot have peanut butter in the house unless I PLAN to eat all of it.

So, I have a new goal.

NO PEANUT BUTTER in my house unless I plan to eat all of it. I will not buy it for recipes, I will not buy it for my husband.

I am contemplating whether I should deduct a skinny bone. Reasons for:

1) I had already said I would stay on plan for the rest of the week after Sunday's indiscretions
2) Although my goal for yesterday was to not pick at my husband's cereal and chips, one could argue that my behavior with the peanut butter violated the spirit of that goal

Reasons against:

1) I really did think I was on plan until I crunched the numbers this morning
2) For me and peanut butter? This is relatively good.

I also worked out that, if I burn an average of 2000 calories a day, and I want to lose a pound this week, I need to eat about 1100 calories today, Friday, and Saturday. Is that insane? OR, I could do some bonus activity. I was thinking of cleaning the house today and going to a spin class tonight. Or I could just not lose a whole pound this week, but some portion thereof.

Opinions, pirates?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CathyC-Phase II..on to a good start!

I have another dilemma, I usually eat more on the week-end because I am out more so I "allow " myself to over eat. But now I will be as diligent on the week-end as during the week-afterall it's about changing habits and this one needs to be changed. I realized all my hard work staying on a clean food plan all week is ruined by 2 "slack" meals on the week-end. It's like 2 steps forward one step back....I'm tired of that I want to go go go forward!! I need to see the changes and feel confident, my fit in my clothes will determine my progress, the scale was nice to me again today but I know the scales don't tell the whole truth! I know it will be challenging for me this week-end...I hope to find the strength to keep focused. I have my husband who is and will always support me on my "food and body issues" (he thinks I'm nuts!!) so he is always encouraging me to feel better and to do whatever I need to to get it done!

Go! Go! Go! Team !!

Don't Panic - It's Under Control

Apparently Blogger thinks this blog might be 'spam' for some reason that is beyond me. I have requested a review so hopefully they realise how innocent we all are!!

Sorry for the inconvenience gang, but I'll get it sorted ♥

Rachaels Bone Loss

I resign 2 of my bones because of my inconsistancy to eat properly all day yesterday. I got sidetracked because I had a rat in my car which took all my time in the morning looking for it with no success and therefore didnt fuel my fire with breakfast. Yes this ended up stuffing my day with no real intake of food and water and bad choices of food for dinner. Take away was the menu and I hand in my bones for that as I could have been a little more wiser with my choice.

Just a note yes I finally caught the little shit of a rat upon looking at 6.30am this morning after it set both traps off and houdini itself out of them. Yuk

Suddenly discouraged

OK, I haven't weighed in and don't plan to until next Friday, like I promised. But man, all of a sudden I am feeling really worried that I will get on that scale and see NO progress at all. Truth is, I am still a little wobbly about how much weight I gained back in May when my daughter was sick with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I had gotten down to 161.4, less than just a few pounds away from what I weighed on my wedding day (158), and then in just a few weeks, I had gained THIRTEEN POUNDS. I got back on track in mid-June and as of the start of this challenge had lost 9 of the thirteen pounds.

I'm not sure why I'm worried. My stomach is a little puffy, but otherwise, I have no reason to think that I won't be down at least a couple pounds at the weigh in next week. Anyway, words of encouragement would really be appreciated.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cathy C-Day 10...

I have to be happy for 1 thing and that is I haven't consumed "sugar" as I would over indulge, and that is when I lose weight and feel confident! So the scale was kind to me today...2 lbs less YEAH me!! I want to have a flatter stomach and no muffin top...I hope to achieve this on my next 90 days! I have another busy week-end and I don't want to over eat this week-end...my hubby's b-day on Fri, a Wedding on Sat., and a soccer tournament on Sun, dinner at a restaurant! I want to lose 1 more pound by Monday...
Have a good day team!

Liimu's checkin

Well, I added my tally to the Skinny Bones tally sheet and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I'm hoping so. I didn't miss any of my goals except that I took a cheat meal on Sunday after the triathlon, and I earned one bone for putting my Joe's Goals tracker on my blog so I'm figuring that by my conservative estimate, I am still at 10 bones for this challenge. Woo hoo!

Haven't stepped on the scale, though dang - I have wanted to! I really, really, REALLY want to see the 150s. I haven't been in the 150s since before I got married and had three kids!!! This is a huge milestone, when I hit it and it is my next milestone, as I started this challenge at 165.4.

I have been a little out of the loop because my phone got destroyed in the rainstorms on Sunday and we also downed a wire, which means our home phone is out too. So weird to be completely disconnected from the world, other than internet access. Anyhoo, workout is done for today, food is planned and will be clean. Can't wait to share my weight loss numbers with you guys next Friday!! When is Phase 2 over?

Got my Skinny Bone Back

Won't go on about it here as I have put it on my blog, but I do believe I have my skinny bone back and am back to 10!!!!!! Woobloodyhoooo! I'm still in pain, though.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shar - Walk the plan or Jump Ship?

Just deciding whether to walk the plank and cling on in there or cut free and jump ship?

Loving the whole 100 day challenge concept and the beauty of it is that it is 100 days and there is room to move /change your goals when you start to learn whats working and not, as it is about developing healthy habits BUT I am freaked out that even though this can be done I am still finding my all or nothing mentality smacking me down and its not the time to be all or nothing when your preggers is it!?
Do I walk the plank and cling on and hope that I can eventually wheedle down the all or nothing over the next 91 days and actually come out having learnt something
do I jump ship to avoid the all or nothing beating me down further BUT risk that the nothing part takes over as I just haven't got the mental or physical energy to keep on keeping on!

CathyC-giving 1 bone up

Hi Team,
I couldn't blog yesterday from home my modem has to be replaced today! Sunday started on a good foot but ended with a bag of chips-not all just too much for my "food plan", so I want to lose a bone and try to redeem myself this week. I was happy not to give in to cake though-still holding off on sugar! I'm trying to post my tally of bones but having trouble opening the page-will try again today! Yesterday went to gym afterall-got rid of both kids and also went for a bike ride after dinner-super day! Today I will eat clean again and bike ride again after dinner.
Have a good day team!

Tea's Check In

Phase One started off quite bumpy with getting the flu and all. I am ending strong though. I have DOMS everywhere!

I noticed I felt a little leaner today. I have not weighed in yet because its THAT time of the month and I think it will really depress me.

Hubby has even joined me on my fitness venture and is coming to the gym everyday with me. :) Looking forward to phase two and tomorrows pirate council.

Day 91 Recap - Tomorrow the Pirates' Council

This is the last day of Phase One already! Check out what happens next at the Day 91 Recap. Get ready for the Pirates' Council. ♥

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ajay's Phase One Mid-Point Challenge

Only two days too late, but thought I'd share nonetheless. No skinny bones for me!

I have done reasonably well so far with my challenge. Have met requirements for my daily and weekly goals for 1-3 and 5 so far, and I have every intent of doing bodybalance tomorrow morning which will fulfill number 4.

Over the weekend we had my brother's 21st birthday, so nailed a couple of small achievements along the way.

We went out for breakfast on Sunday, and I feel I made a good choice by having tomato and fetta on sourdough. This will probably shock the pants of most of you, but I'm not particularly concerned with my carbohydrate/bread consumption for now. I'm not trying to lose huge amounts of weight and I feel that right now, eating to fuel my body is the best way to go. I don't consume large amounts of it - well, to most others here it probably is a large amount - but this nutrition plan is realistic for me. I want to see how this goes and then I can work on really cleaning up my diet. My biggest focus is on eating more fruit/vegetables/GOOD fats.

And besides, the only other thing that I would have eaten on the menu was pancakes or french toast - I am not a fan of eggs! (Another thing I would like to work on)

My non-nutrition related achievement for this phase was that I was actually really pleased with my bodystep class tonight. Not really 'mid-way' though so I have written about it in my blog.


Rachaels Phase 2 Mid-Point Challenge

Well I am reporting that I am chuffed that I have done 2 resistance workouts already for phase 2 and my goal was to do 3. Serious DOMS happening but all good. Tonight I did 40 mins on the tready with about a 1 min sprint (lungs unable to catch up and the treadmills are ancient at my gym) and 30min resistance workout followed by an hour of pilates. Crap that was 2hrs 20mins at the gym which is the longest I have ever been in a gym for doing work. Also managed a walk this morning taking kids to school.

Eating is still under progress, but am adding another goal to my list and that is
  • be prepared for outings at ALL times as this saves skipping meals I need to eat

Lost Bone...

Lost a bone, drank wine when it wasn't on plan. I am determined to find it again and more!

Frankie Ran!

Whoooo hoo! I ran on my treadmill.

I have issues, and I don't run. I ran faster than EVER. This fits perfectly into my amended workout plan (which I've changed to work better with rehab restrictions and free meals on the weekend). I will be able to do interval training again! Been steering away from it cos I get ankle/hip pain and cos I'm doing low carb but if I have a nice, carbed up free meal on the weekend, I can start doing intervals. Yay! I blogged about it if you want to long version LOL! Nope...doesn't take much to get me excited these days.

NEW - Skinny Bones Tally Board

As requested, I have set up a Skinny Bones Tally Spreadsheet in the side column. You should have received an invitation to edit this spreadsheet by email (except for those of you that I don't have an email for).

Edit the live spreadsheet in Google and the changes will show up here. It only refreshes every 5 minutes so you might not see your entry immediately. Let me know if you can't get in. You need to follow the link in the email (save it somewhere). Thanks for the great idea - it will make Phase One check in so much simpler now!

I'm doing well

I am gonna take a bone for today's breakfast, but I think I have earned at least one from having my Joe's Goals posted to the blog. I completed a triathlon so I took an extra yummy breakfast, not what I define as traditional clean eating.

I'm also refraining from weighing except twice a month, so I have to add that to my 100 day goals. But all in all, it has been a great time so far.

Thanks for adding me to this challenge!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

CathyC-my favorite enemy

Hi Team, last night at a bbq party I had awesome eats and did not go overboard, and then...the dessert table was full of chocolate cakes and pastries...I was in a panic and almost tried one bite just to see but I heard my voice tell me "no, you have made a commitment" and so I had hazelnut raisin bread with cheese, 2 dates, mixed nuts and cherries instead! There was a sense of anxiety with everyone eating cake and not me but it slowly subsided-now I am soooooo grateful I didn't give in to sugar-it's still my favorite enemy. I know I will eventually have some but not yet I don't want to eat "chocolate" to conform, I will eat it when "I need it"-it's going to be a privledge to eat it! Sorry for the long post!

Suggestion - Tracking Bones

We can all post here, does this meen we have access to layout etc?
If so, I have a suggestion.

We add a side bar 'list' which we can list out names and number of bones left?

We can each log in, access the side bar list named Skinny Bones Tally, then be responsible for changing our own tally and therefore not causing extra work for Katie who has lots on anyway.


How Do I Track My Skinny Bones?

CathyC has asked how do you know if you get Bonus Bones and how do you track your total. Find the answers here Ask Katie - 100 Day Challenge - Tracking Bones?

Roll Call Me Hearties

It's roll call time Pirates of Possibility. Check the list to make sure I've got you down as an official Skinny Bones 100 Day Challenge Foundation Member (there are 31 of us now!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

CathyC- Check in!

Hello team,

I am happy to post my achievements these past 5 days:
1-no binge or sugar!
2-eating clean 90% (had white bread Thurdsday night)
3-exercised 4 times this week
4-HRT following doctors orders w/ progesterone
5-green drink smoothie
6-looked at old pics to envision a "skinny" image of myself

So I have 4 more days to complete in Phase 1 ...I have a party this evening and I am bringing dessert I know I won't have any. My strategy is to eat chicken and veg before I get there so I won't be famished and can enjoy a moderate plate of veggie and green salads and 1 carb. Wish me luck girlies!

squeezing it in

Hi guys,

I'm down a blog post so I am going to remedy that tomorrow.

One thing I've discovered along my journey is an intolerance to wheat. I had some Naan bread last night and my stomach has been in knots ever since.

I think I need a bonus bone for a) teaching RPM and caning it b) going to work for 8 hours after that c) packing all my meals and most importantly d) having a couple of rice cakes with peanut butter as soon as I got home so that I didn't go on an "I'm tired hunger binge" :)

One week up tomorrow

Well, got throught the first week, lost 1.9kg, but had my cheat today so won't be weighing in in Sunday. Just grazed on some yummy, but mostly good actually, finger food at an enagement party, and had my champagne. I do not expect that sort of a loss again. But I'll take it if it happens.

I've had a busy week so I'm still workingout my goals. That will be done soon.

KatieP -- The Pub Test

100 Day Challenge - Day 94 - The Pub Test

Wish me luck!!

Weekly weigh in

Well my weigh ins are Saturdays so have done the deed and have a little to report. Because the beginning of my second week turned out shit and I jumped on the social family shit eating wagon whilst interstate I found it a little difficult getting back on the "good eating" wagon when I got home. But I managed to recoup myself with some dignity and started back properly yesterday. So my weigh in is from last Saturdays quick jump on the scales and the measurements are from my first initial measure (2 weeks ago).

Weight - up by 0.75
1cm loss on chest & waist
0.5cm loss on left arm, hips, biggest part of bum, both thighs, left calf.

So I am not sure, I think my back is out and I am using my left side more than my right. Any ideas anyone.