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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Bones Boss Speaks - When Do You Lose a Skinny Bone?

This is when you will NOT lose a bone for missing your goals

(1) Circumstances beyond your control aka life gets in the way
- you are sick
- your friend, mother, partner or child is sick and you have to take care of them
- you are injured
- you have to work late
- you are travelling or worse - camping
- when you have PMT
- your kitchen is being remodelled and you don't have any way to cook

(2) When you trade one goal for a better one
- you have sex instead of training
- you stay up late to help a friend
- you eat the burnt toast your daughter made you for mother's day
- you don't drink your water because you need to sit through a dentist visit without having to pee (not sure that is better?)

(3) When you change your priorities (and adjust your goals)
- when training 6 times a week is too exhausting so you add in an extra rest day
- when you discover you have dietary issues when you eat truck loads of vegetables so you cut back
- when eating low carb leaves you shattered or eating low fat makes you hungry so you adjust
- when you run out of time to get to all your goals so you just focus on the most important ones
- when when you find that writing articles is not as enjoyable as writing blog posts so you change your goal to "writing" every day.

You only lose a bone when you miss a goal if you
- gave up - couldn't be bothered - decided to quit - had a tantrum - got the shits - stopped fighting - wallowed in self pity - zoned out - forgot to show yourself respect.

As long as you have good intentions and try your hardest to make the best choices - then you are a success and your skinny bones remain intact.

This might help ... How do you know if you've failed?

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