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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shar - Quick Update

Ok so I had a dinner that wasn't planned.
We had Thai. I choose a chicken dish, of which I ate the chicken only, not that the sauce was fatty, was a light sweet and sour sauce, I had a small amount of hubby's rice with it, I decided to have that instead of eating the Pud Thai I ordered, I threw that in the bin as I didn't need it after I choose the rice instead.
I feel just right, not full and but no where near blown out like I would normally be after a 'off plan' meal.
I feel a little disappointed I didn't just cook something at home but also victorious that I threw food away and ate only to a comfortable point.
The other victory is that I feel very in control and will not be eating anything else that takes me away from my goal of finding the middle road.
I have read the guidelines that katie posted for failure and for loss of a skinny bone and don't think this amounts to a bone loss, all my goals have been met today apart from cal target, this is over by approx 500 cals but if you have a meal that you've not planned that's gonna happen.

BUT I am more than happy to let the team decide, what you reckon ladies?


  1. NO I don't think you deserve to have a bone taken away as you did your best and made changes to fit it in to your plan. Well done.

  2. Shar - I think you deserve a Bonus Bone for that effort.

    Let me recap from an objective point of view -
    1. Made a healthy choice and avoided the sauce
    2. Threw away food (I'm not there yet)
    3. Ate to comfortable not to full
    4. Feeling in control
    5. Stopped after the meal and didn't keep going
    6. Practiced the middle path

    You are not a failure - YOU ARE A LEGEND - and a fantastic example for us all.

    Well done - you should be PROUD ♥

  3. Wow, thanks girls!!
    I actually wrote that follow up report to assist me to stick to the middle road and not allow a binge to happen, It def helped and I have not had another bite of anything.
    A big step forward for me.
    Thanks for your encouragement. Now ive done it once I know I can do it again.

  4. Shar I agree with Frankie and Katie, you made better choices which is all part of our learning journey to better ourselves. I gave you a bone cause it takes alot to make these decisions when the food is right under your nose. Well Done...