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Friday, July 31, 2009

Weigh in psychosis

I think you guys were going to do a check in of some sort every 10 days? But I do my regular weigh ins on Fridays so will keep doing that.

Will post all results on my blog later but in a rush to get to early lecture this morning so just wanted to say that I PUT ON 200g...grrrrr. BUT I lost 4cm off my waist! (at navel).

That's 7cm off my waist in 2 weeks!!! Bugger YOU scales!!!


  1. Whooo hooo Frankie, I give you a bone for that one. Great stuff. cms are GOOD


  2. Frankie - cms beat a stupid number on the scale any day of the week. As us SB pirates love to say (or will do soon) 200g is just one poop!
    Congratulations on your progress ♥