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Friday, July 31, 2009

Frankie - goal amendment and bone loss

No not osteoporosis!

I'm handing in a bone. I've been soooo good all week and then last night after work I was craving carbs (not pms yet). I found 9 grain vita wheats in the cupboard, cream cheese and vegemite. It really hit the spot. I usually have a couple of crackers and cream cheese after work before I train for some extra energy but I liked this combo TOO much. I kept going back for another couple and before I knew it I'd eaten about 10 of them. I guess that's a binge. I really couldn't stop. So, I need to hand in a bone...there.

As far as goals go I'm amending the 'no cheat meals' rule. I need a cheat meal. I was having cheats before in my last weight loss stint and I do think I need that glass or two of red on a Friday with something off plan to eat, or be able to go to a dinner party if I want. BUT, just one meal of the weekend..not a whole day.

That's about it.


  1. Hey Frankie,
    not sure you should give up a bone.
    I amended my goals earlier to take away the yoga (teach bodybalance so do get some form of mind body)and decrease my fruit per day, we can only amended and learn once we have tried.
    You tried to go no cheat meal and have realised you want/need to include it. I personally think if you have your cheat meal once per week you will be cool, put this one down to a learning exp not a fail/bone give up.

  2. The Bones Boss agrees with Shar - you made are still finding what works for you. 10 crackers is nothing ... I could tell you what a real binge looks like LOL!

    In the end it is up to you. Only you can determine if it was a true f*ckup and losing a bone will remind you to be more vigilant in future. Or if it was a momentary lapse caused by having goals that were too stringent so no penalty is required.

    I am on the side of mercy.

  3. ok...thanks guys I will keep my bone. I had gone two whole weeks without a cheat so I think I was needing SOMETHING. Feeling quite good as I've not eaten any crap at all. Oh and Shar you reminded me the physio says I have to give the yoga a miss until my shoulder is better also as involves too much lifting of my arm so that's out for a couple more weeks as is chest work. More cardio!

  4. I know I need a cheat. Has it today.