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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pip's Phase One Mid Point Challenge

Hi all!

Cool, can post!

Admittably this has been one of the hardest challenges I've started. That is cause I'm working toward self control, namely in healthy lasting sustainable fun fitness and nutrition, moving forward with my finances and stopping the same circles there, drinking less alcohol and not feeling ashamed by the amount I drink and general organisation.
I decided all need equal focus! Have tended to go hard in one area but at the cost of being out of control or neglecting other areas. And this goes along with the fact I managed to gain 13.6kg in about 2 months. Last Sunday/day one had at least 14kg I wanted to lose by 14 November, - just under 16 weeks to wear my size 12 bridesmaid dress comfortably the way I want!

The first few days were shaky, I felt negative and daunted at the task inhand but started seeing a habit improvement by day 4. Today was good, and even helpful toward fatloss and fitness as well as all the other areas. Am focusing on living in the 'now', do one day at a time. Still daunting but have worked self up to be on track!

Keep up the fab work all!

Pip :-)


  1. Hey Pip, I can relate to feeling 'shaky" at the beginning and "living in the now"... we share the same challenges! let's keep it up!

  2. Just focus on one day at a time and it will fly by before you know it. Small things every day will add up over time like a tap dripping into a bucket.

    We all face the same doubts and feelings of being overwhelmed so we are ready to lend a hand. It's great being part of a team ♥