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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shar's Phase 1 Mid Point Challenge

Well day 5 for me today and everything has been going great.
Eating veg, eating fruit, drinking water, exercising, sleeping 8 hours..... BUT as in one of Katies previous posts I will be reviewing a few goals.
The fact is we never know if its too much or not enough until we try it and after 5 days I am thinking I should allow a rest day once per week, I may drop my fruit to 2 x per day as I would rather up my veggies and I may take the expectation of doing Yoga out due to the fact I teach Bodybalance, I will revisit the Yoga fitting into my schedule later in the challenge when I have had to stop teaching Bodyattack due to preggers and I have more time and more energy!

I jumped on the chance to take this challenge because, now more than ever with being preggers, I want to find the middle road, NEVER in my life have I just done what needed to be done each day for me, for no reason (COMP, HOLIDAY etc) and its time for me to' just be'.
I have found that I have approached this all or nothing though and it the exact behaviour I want to lose.......for example - Hubby is finishing work early and I would love to have a 'nice' meal with him, nice meaning possible a bit higher in fat and carbs than I am trying to stick to.
The prob is I feel the failure feeling creeping in if I 'give in', this is dangerous and could end up in a few more eats than a meal.
So right now although I chalked up 5 great days I'm feeling over it what with all these all or nothing thoughts.
Anyways, Thanks for listening team SB's and keep up the great work.
Sorry for a long post

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shar
    I think you are right on the money with adjusting the fruit and the yoga commitments.

    Maybe you should go out for a nice dinner while being mindful that your goal is to find the middle road and this meal is a valuable step towards that end.

    If you look at it that way, it not giving in at all but challenging yourself even more than you would by sticking to 'safe' food.

    How great would it be to go out, enjoy yourself and NOT feel guilty?