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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekly weigh in

Well my weigh ins are Saturdays so have done the deed and have a little to report. Because the beginning of my second week turned out shit and I jumped on the social family shit eating wagon whilst interstate I found it a little difficult getting back on the "good eating" wagon when I got home. But I managed to recoup myself with some dignity and started back properly yesterday. So my weigh in is from last Saturdays quick jump on the scales and the measurements are from my first initial measure (2 weeks ago).

Weight - up by 0.75
1cm loss on chest & waist
0.5cm loss on left arm, hips, biggest part of bum, both thighs, left calf.

So I am not sure, I think my back is out and I am using my left side more than my right. Any ideas anyone.


  1. Not a bad results Rachel!
    great you got back on track, look forward to being rewarded with more losses next week!!
    Perhaps see a good Chiro for your back?
    Shar x

  2. A loss on chest and waist is fat so keep it up. You're back on track now so things will speed up!!! I'm with Shar. I think Chiro's are fantastic.