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Friday, August 7, 2009

CathyC-Is Anyone Here???

I often wonder if it's only me who just likes to talk about themselves-it probably is!!! Sorry if I go off on a rant but it helps with my daily thoughts if I write them out...
My Pirate Partner is my husband Tony...he always reminds me how much he cares about me and these are some reasons or qualities important to me:
1-keep saying I am "hot"!!!
2-never, ever.. even if I say "it's for the kids"...have ice cream in the house!
3-never judges me or makes me feel like a failure....soooo understanding and patient
I hope you all have someone to keep you going, if you need to talk to someone or need that person I am always willing to push you forward..don't be shy to ask for support-I love encouraging people -it's so important to be "human" even in blogworld!!
Hope you have a good day mates....


  1. Hey Cathy - I love reading your posts! Tony sounds like a wonderful man.

    Feel free to encourage me as much as you like. I am as needy as the next person!!!

    I love that blogworld brings people together that would never normally meet in 'real' life.

    It is fantastic to have you on this adventure.

  2. Thank you Katie you always know what to say :))

  3. Hi Cathy, yes your hubby sounds like he is a terrific partner and encouraging. And I like Katie like reading your posts, its great. I havent posted much cause I havent known what to write, I sort of started my 100days a week before everyone so feel a little out of wak. BUt I am contemplating rewinding and doing the days with all of you so we are all on the same page, just need to get organised and read the rules again and make the changes.

    Also yep I could do with encouragment, I lack it alot and well my hubby isnt so much my pirate partner (he is skinny and still sees me the way I was when we met like 20kgs smaller, so reality wise he doesnt see my fat bits or is to scared to comment on them. I just have Frankie on here as we started a program at the same time last year and have since been buddies online. So feel free to blurt encouragement my way.