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Saturday, August 8, 2009

One bone for me!

Yes I do deserve a bone indeed...last night I had family over to celebrate Tony's b-day. Everyone came after dinner for cake and coffee, but I cut up melon and fruit, had hummus and pita chips (homemade), Italian tomato and zucchini pizza (my Dad is a baker) and my mother in law brought her Crostata (Italian coffee cake) and cookies etc!! With all that food and for 3 hours being around it do you know what I had ....a skinny latte!! That's it...not even a piece of marble fudge cheesecake I made for my husband. I was determined to make it count. I also have TOM(came 3 days early??) but had no "bad" cravings this week-staying away from junk does help with PMS maybe and I also am using the progesterone maybe that helped too?? So today another challenge at the wedding, I am having pasta as I waited all week for it- but no fried or sweet stuff...can I do it???

1 comment:

  1. CathyC it is always nice to get a break from PMT [Pirate of Mental Torture LOL!]. Bonus Bone well and truly deserved for your efforts ♥