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Monday, August 3, 2009

Rachaels Phase 2 Mid-Point Challenge

Well I am reporting that I am chuffed that I have done 2 resistance workouts already for phase 2 and my goal was to do 3. Serious DOMS happening but all good. Tonight I did 40 mins on the tready with about a 1 min sprint (lungs unable to catch up and the treadmills are ancient at my gym) and 30min resistance workout followed by an hour of pilates. Crap that was 2hrs 20mins at the gym which is the longest I have ever been in a gym for doing work. Also managed a walk this morning taking kids to school.

Eating is still under progress, but am adding another goal to my list and that is
  • be prepared for outings at ALL times as this saves skipping meals I need to eat


  1. Ahhhh ... but you are assuming that the Phase Two Mid Point Challenge is the same as Phase One ... ?????

    You still get a bonus bone for completing the challenge but things are always changing in Skinny Bone world ;)

    Congratulations on the training. Good work ♥

  2. Well done on the training Rach!! And yes, planning meals is vital, esp when out and about. Something I need to work on.