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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CathyC-Phase 3 midpoint Challenge

Okay so there are a million reasons for me to be healthy and fit, but I'll only need to name a few, 26 in total: No particular order or category...it's all meaningful!
1-Healthy heart means healthy mind
2-I have a positive outlook, more confident
3-more energy and stamina
4-I see my muscles because of weight training
5-my husband loves my round butt ..and I do too ;)
6-I have a smaller and flatter belly
7-love to see my hip bones
8-feeling sexy
9-love eating crunchy salads and veggies
10- I get creative with low carb recipes
11-educate my kids about eating clean
12-eliminate sugar:no high and lows...no more depression
13-appreciate my body so I eat clean and exercise
14-I am thankful for my circle of friends who make me laugh
15-I have been inspired with women with similar goals
16-I love to shop and try clothes on again
17-my daughter wishes she looks like me
18-my husband thinks I'm "hot"..it cracks me up!!
19-my mom is also eating better
20-I get complemented on my food blog and recipes
21-I love sharing my personal accomplishments with people I just meet
22-I have the courage to stand up and say "No I can't eat dessert, it's not good for me! "
23-taking charge of my Hormone Imbalance
24-I enjoy making breakfast, lunch and dinner to better my food plan
25-I love my kids and want to see them grow up and have their own children one day
26-I am happiest when I am taking care of my body, mind and soul!


  1. AWESOME list Cathy!!! Doing well so far, great job on phase 2!!!