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Monday, August 24, 2009

Phase 1 - X marks the spot: Day 1 begins

lines in the sand
Well, here goes.  Day 1 is underway.  I know what to do, truly I do, after all I've read, the Champions I associate with and the training I've had over the years.  I truly do know what to do.

What's been the missing element?  It's not been motivation, but it's been my health.  18 months ago I suffered a major infection followed by bouts of diahorrea resulting in a mystery for my naturopath.  After not recovering to full speed, I finally sought help of my doctor.  I hate doctors.  Saw enough of the medical professional with my late husband's treatment over the years.  But finally I caved.  I think I know my body by now, so I told her that I was suffering a chemical imbalance of the blood.  Sure enough, extensive blood tests revealed I was suffering from a severe lack of Zinc.  Well now we know, why I have been suffering all these odd things and emotions for the past couple of years.  But importantly, why I've been finding training and getting my body back a struggle.

Now, I'm on Zinc supplements to fortify my system, and I'm a changed woman.  I identified today as the starting day for my 100 Day Challenge, and now I am taking it to the world.  I saw Katie's challenge, and knew it linked into my objectives.  Recently I started my own sports blog (marketingmuscleinOz.blogspot.com) which focuses on different sports including bodybuilding and motorsports.  I'm enthusiastic about both, you see.  I've started contributing to another blog (girlgetstrong.com) which chronicles my journey back to centre stage on 2010, but SkinnyBones is a tad more personal and daily recording of my head, my heart and my training/diet.

Down to the science, I recently decided to go it alone with my training and nutritionals instead of relying on someone else (a trainer in my case) I wanted to really own my achievement.  So I'm an advocate of whole natural foods, and a fan of Tom Venuto's nutritional information.  I recently created my own diet and training programmes, and it is this that I shall be using as my foundation.  Am I really on the right track, or just full of sh*t?  Time alone will tell.

I recently joined a gym that provides not only good weights and machines, the right culture, BUT cardio classes, and is part of a 24/7 worldwide chain.  Day one dawns, and I've been to the gym and trained chest, biceps and abs.  I've done 30mins on the treadmill before I had to return to work. And it's all written in the journal. Working for yourself is not all that it is cracked up to be at times BTW.  Coz I can't stop at 5pm because the day is over, I just have to keep on going until it's all done. LOL

I've taken my pre-training fat burning supplement.  I've had my post-training shake with the extra supplements.  I'm drinking my water, eating clean ... so far so good.

This week, I will get on the scales, but I'm not getting anywhere near a tape measure.  But I know my goals, I have my vision, I'm developing the mindset of Bodybuilder again.

Today, I'm on my way.  Here's my X the line is drawn in the sand now!

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  1. Welcome Laynie -- it is wonderful to have you on board. We are all looking forward to sharing your journey ♥

  2. Thanks Katie ... it's now or never. Shut up or put up. Or to speak in Skinny Bones words "time to walk the plank my hearties!" I appreciate your support.