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Monday, August 10, 2009


I have a "blah" feeling this morning because of this past week-end...I am trying not to let the food I ate on Saturday at midnight bother me but honestly it does. I felt bloated and gassy all day yesterday-not "skinny" and fit. I didn't weigh myself because I have to wait until the 16th and secondly it was going to be really depressing ...so I am here wondering how to deal with it. I am having less carbs today to try to make up for it and will get a gym session in. I don't think there is much else, I hope I can control myself next week-end at my siser in law's 40th b-day bash!


  1. WATER! WATER! WATER! Oh, and you might want to try drinking water. :)

  2. Hello Miss Cathy

    (1) Don't fight your feelings of 'blah' just observe them and let them go. You made a not so good choice, you can't change it now, so make today your best day yet.

    (2) The number on the scale doesn't matter. Your success is in all the good actions you have taken and the lessons you are learning when you trip and fall.

    (3) Don't over compensate on punish yourself. If anything, give yourself more love and attention. Spoil yourself to remind yourself that you are special, important and worthy of everything you dream of.

    (4) Of course you can control yourself next weekend because you are the one in charge (no one tells a pirate what to do!) and you deserve to live the life you have always imagined.

    Here endeth the sermon ! Take care and keep going. You are doing an incredible job ♥

  3. Thank you both Limu and Katie!