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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ajay's Phase One Mid-Point Challenge

Only two days too late, but thought I'd share nonetheless. No skinny bones for me!

I have done reasonably well so far with my challenge. Have met requirements for my daily and weekly goals for 1-3 and 5 so far, and I have every intent of doing bodybalance tomorrow morning which will fulfill number 4.

Over the weekend we had my brother's 21st birthday, so nailed a couple of small achievements along the way.

We went out for breakfast on Sunday, and I feel I made a good choice by having tomato and fetta on sourdough. This will probably shock the pants of most of you, but I'm not particularly concerned with my carbohydrate/bread consumption for now. I'm not trying to lose huge amounts of weight and I feel that right now, eating to fuel my body is the best way to go. I don't consume large amounts of it - well, to most others here it probably is a large amount - but this nutrition plan is realistic for me. I want to see how this goes and then I can work on really cleaning up my diet. My biggest focus is on eating more fruit/vegetables/GOOD fats.

And besides, the only other thing that I would have eaten on the menu was pancakes or french toast - I am not a fan of eggs! (Another thing I would like to work on)

My non-nutrition related achievement for this phase was that I was actually really pleased with my bodystep class tonight. Not really 'mid-way' though so I have written about it in my blog.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Ajay - welcome aboard
    Better late than never - you still get a skinny bone.
    Great news about your progress - congratulations on doing so well