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Friday, August 7, 2009

One goal achieved and a new one set!

Greetings, challengers!

I have a habit of picking at food throughout the day. Little bites here and there of mostly carbs-most often my husband's cereal and/or chips. Yesterday, I set a goal of steering completely clear of both, and promised that I would announce it to the group if I succeeded.

And I did, BUT I fell prey to another of my habits yesterday that makes me feel not completely triumphant.

Peanut butter. Peanut butter is my kryptonite. I cannot just have it in the house, even if I hide it, even if I eat some and throw out the rest of the jar (because yes, I will go into the garbage, take out the jar, and eat the peanut butter). So why on earth did I think it was a good idea to attempt making peanut butter protein cookies yesterday?

Well, because I had a plan, which I mostly followed. I used most of the peanut butter in the cookies, which I have not touched except for the one I planned to have this morning pre-gym. I left what I thought was about 6 Tbsp in the jar, and ate about 5 of them over the course of the day yesterday, as I had planned.

BUT THEN. This morning I decided I would calculate out exactly how much I had eaten (I measured, but it's just soooo easy to lick the spoon or lick "little bits" off the spoon in addition to what I had measured). Yeah, apparently I had about 10 tablespoons yesterday!!!

I am trying not to get frustrated, but seriously? How many times do I need to do this before I surrender to the fact that I cannot have peanut butter in the house unless I PLAN to eat all of it.

So, I have a new goal.

NO PEANUT BUTTER in my house unless I plan to eat all of it. I will not buy it for recipes, I will not buy it for my husband.

I am contemplating whether I should deduct a skinny bone. Reasons for:

1) I had already said I would stay on plan for the rest of the week after Sunday's indiscretions
2) Although my goal for yesterday was to not pick at my husband's cereal and chips, one could argue that my behavior with the peanut butter violated the spirit of that goal

Reasons against:

1) I really did think I was on plan until I crunched the numbers this morning
2) For me and peanut butter? This is relatively good.

I also worked out that, if I burn an average of 2000 calories a day, and I want to lose a pound this week, I need to eat about 1100 calories today, Friday, and Saturday. Is that insane? OR, I could do some bonus activity. I was thinking of cleaning the house today and going to a spin class tonight. Or I could just not lose a whole pound this week, but some portion thereof.

Opinions, pirates?


  1. No bone lost in my opinion. You saw the problem and have made a plan to over come it. Like you there are foods I will not have in my house. And that's ok as I live by myself. If hubby wants PB he can stash it somewhere and eat when you are not around.Maybe... maybe not. So IMHO no bone lost for this.

  2. What would I do? I'd lose the bone and move on. Anytime I'm spending a lot of time explaining or lamenting a behavior, it's definitely an indicator that I've slipped into territory of behavior that doesn't support my goals. If I allow this to many times without really getting honest about the fact that I've strayed from my plan, if I start rationalizing and justifying why it was okay to do this or that, then I'm setting myself up to rationalize/justify it every single time. I want to succeed in this and I want to see you succeed in this. Maybe if you give up a bone for having strayed from your plan, you can really just forgive yourself and move on and NOT do it again.

    Just my opinion!

  3. My advice is NOT to compensate by eating such low calories on the weekend or doing extra exercise. It sets you up for the dangerous starve/binge cycle.

    Just go straight back on your original plan and suck up the fact you won't lose as much weight as you thought (although the body is a curious thing and you never know what will happen).

    Are you eating a low fat diet? You might be missing out on enough fat and your body is telling you to eat more. In order to stay sane, hormonally healthy and craving free you need about 30% fat in your diet (in my opinion).

  4. Hey Chunkmonkey, I am with Miss Katie on this one - don't spend your weekend trying to compensate for what happened. Acknowledge that you did it and move on, and use the experience to reflect on next time you are tempted to give in.

  5. Thanks guys!! I think you're right. I'm just going to give up the bone and move forward from here. I'm also re-evaluating some of my goals.