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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shar - Walk the plan or Jump Ship?

Just deciding whether to walk the plank and cling on in there or cut free and jump ship?

Loving the whole 100 day challenge concept and the beauty of it is that it is 100 days and there is room to move /change your goals when you start to learn whats working and not, as it is about developing healthy habits BUT I am freaked out that even though this can be done I am still finding my all or nothing mentality smacking me down and its not the time to be all or nothing when your preggers is it!?
Do I walk the plank and cling on and hope that I can eventually wheedle down the all or nothing over the next 91 days and actually come out having learnt something
do I jump ship to avoid the all or nothing beating me down further BUT risk that the nothing part takes over as I just haven't got the mental or physical energy to keep on keeping on!


  1. Shar the 100 day challenge has only just begun. This may be exactly the time to change the all or nothing thinking. If you quit now are you giving in to all or nothing thinking?? You have a beautiful baby in the making depending on you. He/she doesn't expect you to be perfect, so you shouldn't think that way. You have been in an industry that rewards 'perfection', and that's great for that industry. Now you are a beautiful pregnant woman. No walking the plank for you, just keep plugging along with the rest of us. I know about all or nothing, that's what I'm hoping to change, I know I won't change in a week, but with the support of everyone else around you'll make it. Ez

  2. I, too, am an all-or-none thinker. One thing that's helped me is having a not all or nothing thinking goal-for example, one of my goals is not to binge if I go over my calories for the day. That's been helping me get through the all or nothing thinking. Maybe adding in some kind of intermediate goal for when you're having that "I've messed up so what's the point?" thinking will help...

  3. I am all or nothing too, but I AM learning I don't have to be like that. I think this is a great time to do this. If you mess up a meal, jump back on with the next meal, if you miss a workout jump back on with the next one. No one is perfect and things happen, but we need to make this a LIFESTYLE, and that means we don't have to perfect we will mess up but we don't have to throw in the towel and slash all the tires so to speak lol.
    Instead of "I will start Monday and do everything right from then on".... try " my next meal will be clean and healthy, or tomorrow I will get my workout done" and prepare for it, one day, one meal, one workout at a time :)(or whatever other goals you set for yourself)

  4. *raises hand in air*
    Same here Shar and friends in the all or nothing department.

    There is great advice from the other girls and it strikes me that you might have missed the "thinking" part. If you are like me, then you can't just turn off your thinking even if you change your actions. I think that way whether I am on a program/diet/challenge or not.

    The good part is that it is just 'thinking' and we are more than our thoughts. Just because we think a certain way doesn't mean we need to act on those thoughts.

    Just identify them, let them go, and get on with living a healthy balanced life that will nurture your baby. That could be your only goal - to not act on your all or nothing thoughts or give them any importance.

    If you tried to do that for the next 90 days, you might be so much closer to finding the balance that eludes us all.

    It's worth a shot ...

  5. I agree with Katie about the 'thinking', sometimes my mind just doesn't stop, other people even say that to me, that they can see it! I hope I didn't sound flippent, I didn't mean to. I find it really hard to stop, the 'I should', is the worst. I often can't sleep because of the 'thinking'. I have been doing some relaxation that incorporates NLP (neurolinguistic programming). ie helping you change your thought processes. It's been interesting and good. Ez