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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Phase one progress

Well what a week I have had. I really didn't feel like blogging as I feel like the first week should have you on a roll and feeling motivated but my week has been mayhem. It all started on friday night when I had very few hours sleep from my friends going away party. I had very little sleep that night and was up early to be the supportive girlfriend in my other half fitness fanatic antics!!
So I was the support crew with another one of my OH friends gf for the avon descent. The first day was a 60km paddle and the sunday is a 72 km paddle or something very close to this. Well at the first stop the boys looked really good but from then on the my OH was looking terrible. Each stop he looked progressively worse. Poor thing had been off all week with some nasty bug and had hardly eaten much- or no where near enough for this type of endurance race. He did however manage the first day for his mate who mentally kept him going. Well he was up all night being sick and at about 4am started having chest pain and shortness of breath. We had had no sleep but I just wanted to keep him home so I packed up his things and got him home asap. Thankfully both his parents are doctors and gave him pain killers. Over the next hour or so he got no better so off to the hospital we went. So xrays and ecg and echo latter they diagnosed him with pericarditis- which is inflammation of the heart. He looked terrible but thankfully the pain was controlled once the pain killers had kicked in. I had two sleep over the two nights so I absolutely crashed on Sunday night at 6:30.

So my 100 day challenge did not get to the best start. I would say in that time I would be have lost four bones for failing my some of my goals. Today was start of phase two so I am going to put in a 100% effort. I did not eat lots in this period- If anything less but some of the not so good choices. I do not feel bloated and actually feel lighter but will be a lot more conscious.

So recapping my goals I did eat bread once in the first phase, I definitely did not blog 4 times, I did do my cardio and missed out one weights session, I did not binge and I did drink my water amount.

So today I started on a really high note and went for 11km run with one of my closest friends. This put me in the mind shape to eat well for the rest of the day.

So my aim for the next phase is to concentrating on not eating bread and getting all my training in.

1 comment:

  1. Considering all the other stress in your life you did exceptionally well Amy. Well done on just sticking with it and doing your best ♥