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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got stuck on deserted island...

......but you know what I needed it and have enjoyed my swim back to the pirate ship!!
Here's my phase 2, days 11 - 20 update and check in as listed by the wonderful Captain Katie.

1) Reviewed your action goals -- I have spent most of the last 10 days (phase 2) reviewing my goals and learning how my goals need to be structured.
2) Identified what you need from the people around you depending on whether they had the same or different goals -- recruited your Pirate Partner(s) and crew (+ bonus bone) basically here I have the rest of the crew as support but just need to use them more. I posted here at about day 7 or 8 I think and had 5 comments back, they truly struck a cord with me and are what I took on board when making for the island to do some reviewing and some searching. So to all you pirates, THANKS.
Recognised and thanked the person who helps you the most -- chose your first mate (+ bonus bone) This is without a doubt my soul mate and husband, he loves me unconditionally, he supports anything I want to do, only he knows who I am. I do verbally Thank him but maybe I need to find other ways do show him my Thank in future.

4) Identified the person who inspires and motivates you - your role model -- mid phase challenge post (+ bonus bone) My mum inspires me, I also have lots of inspirational people I work with, my members that attend my classes inspire and motivate me, some story's are unbelievable, I couldn't pick one person.
5) started a journal -- started writing your own history I haven't done this yet.
resisted temptation and faced your fears -- fought the evil Pirate of Powerlessness
stepped out of your comfort zone - walk the plank I have had a few moments of temptation and I have won, I am proud of this, this is a definite step forward for me.
7) voted on the poll 'how clean is your diet?' - stocked the galley Check In Process (*voluntary)
haven't done this yet
Fill in the Skinny Bones Tally spreadsheet in Google with your Skinny Bones tally for this phase (if you don't have access then add it to your comments) need to work this out!! sort of lost count, will track back

9)Comment on this post with the following information
your milestones - e.g. weight loss, inches/cms lost, days without binging, physical improvements etc.
I am monitoring my weight but being preggers not able to focus on loss, my weight is holding steady which I am please with at this stage of preg as i'm starting to show and baby is growing. I am monitoring my bodyfat and measurements so this may show more achievement when I do those again. I have continued to get 8 - 8 and a half hours sleep per night which is great. I am still focused on drinking enough water each day. I have been logging and becoming totally aware of food I am consuming and making sure I am eating what baby needs.
9) the most important lesson you've learned over the past 20 days that I need to let the all or nothing mentality go, that I must stop punishing myself for what I used to class as minor blips, which are in fact things that are normal. To be in the present, be in the now, the past has gone and the future is not here yet.

Thanks for listening guys, a long winded way of catching up but the journey of phase 2 was very nourishing for me, I found some treasure and I am so pleased to be back on the ship again and ENJOYING it.

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  1. Welcome Back Shar -- it is fantastic that you have found how to 'nourish' yourself. I am so pleased for you and proud of you. ♥