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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phase 1 - Day 2 of placing my X everywhere

MIAMI BEACH, FL - JUNE 11:   Julia Meshcheryak...
Well it's Day 2, and I'm trying to change an existing exercise habit already.  Instead of getting up and doing my cardio first thing this morning, I elected to do it on the spin cycles at the gym this evening, squeezing it in between my weights and yoga class.

I'm not certain what is going on with me today.  I'm thinking perhaps the fat burner I tried yesterday didn't agree with me, as it's the only new thing I've added to my diet.  Today, I'm not hungry and feeling sluggish.  Perhaps more water might pick me up.  Let's try that.

I'm fighting the demons of the deep this afternoon.  They are trying real hard to convince me to go soft and not train tonight, and I must admit it is tempting.  I've got an excuse, I'm not feeling well ... good rationalisation, huh?   But I'm going to fight it, and go to the gym by myself, new gym and all the strangeness in that situation.  Fight the fear, and win.  As my cycling coach is telling me - spinners are grinners. 

That reminds me ... I need to find my tape measure.  Now the cycling coach wants me to measure me for fit on bicycle.  Never trust an ex-pro rider ... he's making me earn my keep already.

It's a struggle to eat all the food on the menu today, but that's because I'm just not feeling with it, but at least I haven't fallen off the good food wagon and crashed head first into the junk food.

As they say in the classics ... Cheers!  Let's drink more water. 

Later ... much later.  I won!  I went to the gym and put in a full session tonight - weights, followed by 30mins on the spin cyle + 30 mins on the treadmill, followed by 60mins of stretching and human-pretzel making in a yoga class.  I'm tired, but glad I did it.

Now I can face Day 3 with an honest face :)

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1 comment:

  1. good for you! keep at it, no matter what downturns you might feel.

    once you start to see results, the rest will follow suit..