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Sunday, August 2, 2009

CathyC-my favorite enemy

Hi Team, last night at a bbq party I had awesome eats and did not go overboard, and then...the dessert table was full of chocolate cakes and pastries...I was in a panic and almost tried one bite just to see but I heard my voice tell me "no, you have made a commitment" and so I had hazelnut raisin bread with cheese, 2 dates, mixed nuts and cherries instead! There was a sense of anxiety with everyone eating cake and not me but it slowly subsided-now I am soooooo grateful I didn't give in to sugar-it's still my favorite enemy. I know I will eventually have some but not yet I don't want to eat "chocolate" to conform, I will eat it when "I need it"-it's going to be a privledge to eat it! Sorry for the long post!

1 comment:

  1. I completely understand about the sugar thing. Since I've been keeping my sugar under 25g a day there have been no cravings. Unfortunately that means I can't even have fruit because it sets me off.

    Well done on the restraint - you are smashing this challenge!