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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rachaels Bone Loss

I resign 2 of my bones because of my inconsistancy to eat properly all day yesterday. I got sidetracked because I had a rat in my car which took all my time in the morning looking for it with no success and therefore didnt fuel my fire with breakfast. Yes this ended up stuffing my day with no real intake of food and water and bad choices of food for dinner. Take away was the menu and I hand in my bones for that as I could have been a little more wiser with my choice.

Just a note yes I finally caught the little shit of a rat upon looking at 6.30am this morning after it set both traps off and houdini itself out of them. Yuk


  1. Do you need to hand in 2??
    Surely one for the choice of take away is fine?
    The rat wasn't your fault!
    Shar x

  2. Bones Boss says only one -- the rat was out of your control. Dinner? if you must.