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Saturday, August 1, 2009

CathyC- Check in!

Hello team,

I am happy to post my achievements these past 5 days:
1-no binge or sugar!
2-eating clean 90% (had white bread Thurdsday night)
3-exercised 4 times this week
4-HRT following doctors orders w/ progesterone
5-green drink smoothie
6-looked at old pics to envision a "skinny" image of myself

So I have 4 more days to complete in Phase 1 ...I have a party this evening and I am bringing dessert I know I won't have any. My strategy is to eat chicken and veg before I get there so I won't be famished and can enjoy a moderate plate of veggie and green salads and 1 carb. Wish me luck girlies!


  1. Sending you luck...

    Great going with your achievments Cathy, keep it up. Seems like we are all on a good foot to start with.

  2. Congrats Cathy, these are awesome achievements! Great strategy for the party tonight-good luck and have fun!