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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 10: Need a trainer. Anyone looking for charity case?

I hope this post isn't inappropriate to the challenge topic. I've had a rough few days challenge-wise, and I've been doing some trouble shooting. I just wrote a long, profanity-laden post to my blog wherein I vented frustrations stemming from a problem easily remedied: I need a coach.

I've been designing plans for myself, but truth is, I have limited faith in my ability to do so, which I think is why I ignore the plan every few days. I've never been in the kind of shape I would really like to be in, so in a moment of weakness, it's really easy to say "Well, how do you know those chocolate covered peanuts won't actually HELP you?" Ridiculous, I know, but when I want those peanuts it really doesn't take much to convince me to go for them.

I need someone I trust to give me a plan and tell me to suck it up and follow it.

SO. Hello, universe. I'm putting this out there. If there's any qualified individual out there reading this who feels like giving me a good kick in the ass, let's talk. :)

1 comment:

  1. Chunkmonkey, I hope you get someone to help you if that is what you want, but I suspect that you do know what is right for you. Trust your instincts, listen to that still small voice, you know more than you think ♥