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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tea's Check In

Phase 2 is going well. I got all my workouts and cardio in. I have not cheated at all either. Its really helping me that my husband is doing this with me,and I don't want to have to give up a bone!
I thought about having a cheat meal this weekend but I didn't really feel like it. I will give myself one at some point but I was trying to decide on some sort of timeframe.
  • every 2 weeks
  • one a 10 day phase
  • one a week
  • one when I get to a certain weight
I still have not decided so I guess I will go as long as I can and then when I start having craving that won't go away i will give myself one, I reserve the right to decide lol.

I have been extremely depressed this last week and have slept TONS, I feel a little better today. Not getting my hopes up but it would be good if the depression fooked off.

Clothes are getting looser, weights definitely dropping but i will weigh in at the end of this phase.

Katie I really like the Pirate Log idea! I want to find pirate stickers now and pictures to decorate it with , GAHH I am such a theme person lol.


  1. Excuse me ... are you the girl who has lost 6kg in 15 days ???

    Way to go skinny bones -- what an amazing effort -- and I love the stickers idea.

    Hubby keeps buying me everything that has a pirate theme so now I am wearing socks with a skull and crossbones on them LOL ♥

  2. Hehe why yes I am!
    aww how cute! I keep looking for pirate themed stuff when I go to the store lol. I can't find any pirate stickers so far :( Really I want to start a new journal like tomorrow though and draw pirate stuff if I have to! LOL