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Monday, August 10, 2009

Down, but not out...

So, I have to say that this not weighing in more than twice a month is hard...hard...HARD, especially after weighing once or twice a day. I'm still holding fast to my commitment, though, and I'm hopeful that I will be happy on Friday with what the scale says, because for the most part I have been pretty spot on with exercise and eating.

Ok, until this weekend. Friday night DH and I went on our first date night in a long time, and I went ahead and decided to loosen things up a bit. I didn't go crazy - just had an open-faced turkey cheese burger and about a 1/2 serving of waffle fries. Came home and had a mixture of peanut butter, oatmeal, protein powder and cocoa powder. Pretty yummy. But yesterday was another story. I don't know why - maybe my plan is too low on carbs, maybe it's too high - but I have had moments where if I don't get carbs in my system I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I still make pretty healthy choices - crackers and hummus, Kashi cereal and almond milk - but I'm definitely eating off plan, so I lose a couple bones this week for those deviations. Oh, and last night I went dancing for 3 hours, which is definitely a good thing, except that I gave in pretty quickly when my friends suggested that the perfect post-dancing activity is going to the diner for chicken fingers and fries.

I would like to know whose metabolism, exactly, I think I have? One of the many size 0 20-somethings who were in the club last night? Because I have never been able to eat late at night without consequences. So, I am not getting any extra bones for all my lovely exercise, because I basically offset it with the late night munch fest.

Anyway, that's how I'm doing. Still journaling. Too tired to go to the gym today and too tired really to do much of anything except watch my kids play dress up and log my food and read and relax. Let's hope that's exactly what I get to do.

Hope everyone else is having a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Liimu, when I get low on carbs I get exhausted and crazy too. Maybe you needed a bit of a re-feed? Enjoy your rest -- sounds like you deserve it ♥