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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Suddenly discouraged

OK, I haven't weighed in and don't plan to until next Friday, like I promised. But man, all of a sudden I am feeling really worried that I will get on that scale and see NO progress at all. Truth is, I am still a little wobbly about how much weight I gained back in May when my daughter was sick with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I had gotten down to 161.4, less than just a few pounds away from what I weighed on my wedding day (158), and then in just a few weeks, I had gained THIRTEEN POUNDS. I got back on track in mid-June and as of the start of this challenge had lost 9 of the thirteen pounds.

I'm not sure why I'm worried. My stomach is a little puffy, but otherwise, I have no reason to think that I won't be down at least a couple pounds at the weigh in next week. Anyway, words of encouragement would really be appreciated.


  1. I just got a note that my blog post was being reviewed to make sure it doesn't violate terms of service. Hmm...wonder what it was - the brutal honesty or the link to the wikipedia definition of RMSF?

  2. Hey Liimu!

    Don't get discouraged! Whether or not you weigh in lighter, if you keep following your plan, you WILL get results. And, if you stall, it's just an opportunity to figure out how to get started again. I think it's Skwigg who says something like "There is no failure, only learning opportunities." I'm probably misquoting, but that's the gist. :) Hang in there!

  3. Don't worry about the service violation - I'm on it!

    Discouragement is a killer -- just ask me who spent all of yesterday literally crying because I've gained 2.5kg in a month and I was only 'off plan' for about 7-8 days!

    The thing is we can't control the scale - it measures fat, and skin, and water, and poop, and food so, as hard as it is, try to forget about it.

    Just feel proud that you are achieving what you set out to do EVERY day! The scales will follow eventually -- just know you are a success right at this very moment ♥

  4. As long as you continue to keep doing what you know is the best you can, the scales should play ball but even then if they don't you know you have been true to yourself and done what you could.
    keep going
    Shar x