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Monday, August 10, 2009

My Pirate Peeps!

I am so behind here, I have been having issues with blogger, blogs not loading and such.

Ok My Pirate Crew is my husband, he has decided to join me in my daily workouts and really support me in every way which is so fantastic. Hes always been very supportive so now its great we are finally doing this together.

My Pirate Partners are my mom and grandma even though they are in another country, they support encourage, show interest and are proud of my accomplishments.

My Pirate Queens, wow I have a few.
Tara Green from the Co-Diva site- this girl is a pilot and even with all her crazy traveling she manages to get her workouts in and eat on plan.

Tina one of the Dreambodies Divas, she is so bubbly and encouraging and has made a huge transformation especially in her mind.

Stacey Widger- hers was the first fitness blog I ever read and how I found Tony. She cracks me up with every post, I see a lot of myself in her and since shes succeeded it helps me see myself succeed.

Skwigg- I found Skwigg way back in 2004 when just starting on my weight loss journey, she has helped keep me sane through the Body For Life Womens Club, Personal emails, and her wacky blog. I have nearly choked to death laughing at her posts.

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  1. Nice post Tea -- you are lucky to have such a great team of people helping and supporting you ♥